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Access Ramp FAQs

Those of us who are considering our own requirements are likely to have access ramp FAQs. It is always a good idea to find out as much as we can before we proceed with ramp installation.


That way we won’t end up with something that is inappropriate and that doesn’t meet the legal requirements. There are a lot of different ramps to choose from, but each of these will be designed for specific purposes. You will need to have a clear idea of your exact requirements in order to ensure that you end up with something that is suitable. Here is just some of the access ramp FAQs. If you have further questions you might want to speak with the provider directly.

Access Ramp FAQs

What are My Legal Responsibilities in Regards to Access Ramp Provision?
There are a number of different pieces of legislation that will have implications in regards to the provision of access ramps. These generally don’t apply to private dwellings, but will apply to anyone who deals with the public or employs people. The most important legislation are the building regulations, the DDA guidelines, and the Disability and Equality Act 2010. The gist of all of these is that where there is an unreasonable barrier to the movement of people there needs to provisions to help them get past this impediment. Failure to follow the regulations can have severe financial consequences. This is something that is taken seriously in the UK so it is in everyone’s interest that people comply with the law.

Why Are There So Many Different Types of Access Ramps?
This is one of the very common access ramp FAQs. The reason why there are now so many different access ramps is that there are so many different requirements. Access ramps cover a whole range of possibilities from portable ramps that can be kept in small spaces on minivans to permanent ramps that have more than one landing. These days the chances are that we will be easily able to finds something to meet our exact requirements no matter what they are.

How to Decide on Which Access Ramps to Get?
This is probably the most important of all access ramp FAQs. If you get the wrong ramp you will not only have something that is inappropriate, but you will also not be meeting your legal responsibilities. In order to be certain of getting the right ramp you will need to fully consider your requirements and work from there. You will need to look at things like the height of the obstacle and the characteristics of those who will be using the ramp; for example some portable ramps will have weight restrictions and may not be suitable for the morbidly obese.

There you have just a few of the access ramp FAQs. It is always good to ask these questions before you invest money in something that could turn out to be inappropriate. If you have further question you can continue to research the topic or speak directly to one of the providers of this type of equipment.

Access Ramp FAQs