Access Ramps

Access Ramps Regulations

If you deal with the public or employ people then you will need to understand a bit about access ramps regulations. These rules are there to ensure that everyone gets to move around without unfair impediments.


There are many who would argue that access ramps regulations don’t just have legal importance but are also very much related to morality as well. It also makes sense that business owners and those dealing with the public will want to make it easy for others. For example, if you are a shop owner it would just make financial sense to ensure all your customers are able to access the building.

Finding Out about Access Ramps Regulations

When it comes to access ramps regulations there are two pieces of legislation that have the biggest impact; these are building regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). The Disability and Equality Act (2010) also has implications for access ramps regulations because it mandates that everyone should have access to good, services, and all forms of transportation. Generally speaking the law requires that provisions are made for any unfair obstacle; so if you only have a flight of stairs into an office you are expected to have a ramp for wheelchair access.
The building regulations have specific requirements and these include.

  • If you have a ramp that is going to be longer than 2 meters then you have to provide a handrail so that people can safely move up and down it.
  • There is also a width regulation that states that these ramps need to be at the very least 1.5 meters all the way up.
  • All ramps must have a non-slip surface in order to make them safe to use.
  • There are also requirements in regard to the exact gradient of each ramp; the gradient needs to change according the length of the ramp.
  • Access ramps regulations also have instructions in regards to landings; for short ramps there will need to be one at the bottom and top, but for higher obstacles there will need to be a landing every 10 meters. These landings also need to be a certain size to accommodate wheelchairs.

Some Final Thoughts on Access Ramps Regulations

Access ramps regulations have gone a long way to improving the lives of many people. We should all have the right to be able to get to where we want to go, and these ramps make it possible. There are now many different types of ramps available and the fact that there is so much competition means that you should be able to get something that is reasonably priced. Meeting the access ramps regulations does not require unnecessary financial hardship or inconvenience. It is important though that you fully consider your needs in regards to these ramps and that you find something that is both suitable and that meets the access ramps regulations. If you are still unsure about how to go about this you will find plenty more information available online on this topic or you could just speak directly to one of the experts.

Access Ramps Regulations