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Handicap Access Ramps

There are a lot of things to consider if you intend to purchase handicap access ramps. These devices have been created to serve many different purposes, and you will need


to ensure that whatever you buy is going to be able to fulfil the need you expect from it. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of ramps available, and this has brought advantages and disadvantages. So much choice means that it is harder than ever to choose, but on the plus side of the equation it means that is almost certain that there will be handicap access ramps that will suit your requirements and budgetary restrictions.

The Different Types of Handicap Access Ramps

If you visit ramp providers or search online you might be surprised to find just how many different types of this product now exist. All these ramps are designed for specific purposes and you should understand the benefits and limitations of any device before you choose. Here are just some of the different handicap access ramps you are most likely to come across.

  • Permanent ramps are handicap access ramps that remain in place once they are installed. This type of ramp is ideal for a building or access to a certain location. If there are steps into your office then you will likely want to provide a permanent ramp because anything else probably wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • Semi-permanent handicap access ramps can be moved to a different location if required but will generally be kept in the one location. The fact that these are movable means that they can be a good compromise between portable and permanent – although moving these ramps won’t be as easy s moving a portable one.
  • Portable ramps come in all types and shapes and they are ideal for transportation. If you were to use non-portable ramps for transportation it would mean having a separate ramp in each location. The fact that these ramps are portable though means that only one is required. Two of the most common types of portable handicap access ramps are the track ramp and the folding ramp. The track involves a stowaway tracks that can be extended from the bus or van as required. The person can then move their wheelchair along the tracks from any surface into the van. Another popular portable option is the foldaway ramp; this can be a single fold or multiple folds. The nice about the folding ramp is that it only takes up a small amount of space when it is not in use.
  • You will also find ramps that are created for special requirements. For example, you will find ramps that are reinforced so that they can manage much heavier weights. This is important if those using the ramps are obese.

Understanding a bit about the different handicap access ramps is important because it should make it more likely that you end up with something suitable. You will find most of the information you need freely available on the web.

Handicap Access Ramps