Access Ramps

Building Access Ramps

As well as there being a moral obligation there is also a legal aspect to building access ramps. These ramps have been completely life changing for a lot of people and brought many benefits to their lives.


It means that they no longer need to be so dependent on other people are able to freely go wherever they wish. Improvements in wheelchair technology has also gone a long way to ensuring that these people can get to enjoy what other people take for granted. This ramp provision is not just about freedom to go where we want though, it is also about the ability to earn a living and improve our education. It is difficult to imagine how people once managed without building access ramps, and luckily this is something we no longer have to concern ourselves with.

Regulations for Building Access Ramps

One of the things that have gone a long way to ensuring the providing of building access ramps is the different building regulations that have come in as well as things like the Disability Discrimination Act. The recent Disability and Equality act has pushed things further by ensuring that those who are differently able will not have to face unreasonable restrictions on their movement. This is something that the UK government has taken seriously and people who don’ comply with the law have sometimes needed to suffer harsh financial penalties. All these regulations have been worth it though because people in a wheel chair can now enjoy independent living in a way that just would have not been possible in the past.

The Different Types of Building Access Ramps

There are different types of building access ramps and these are required for different demands. These different demands will be determined not only by the location of the access ramp but also by the physical demands of those using it. Here are just some of the things that will need to be considered –

  • The amount of space available for the ramp.
  • The height of the obstacle that needs to be overcome. There are specific regulations as to the gradient of the ramp dependent on the length. It will also be necessary to have a landing of specific dimensions for every 10 meters of ramp.  If the ramp is above a certain length it will be necessary to have handlebars.
  • The budget that you have for this project. There is a wide variation in price for this type of installation. As long as you meet the minimum requirements you can get something that isn’t too fancy for a reasonable price. Makes sure you check out your different options before coming to any decision.
  • The physical requirements of those who will be using the ramp. This is very important because there is no point in having a ramp if people can’t use it. You will need to check such things as weight restrictions and whether is suitable for all types of wheelchair. If you are unsure you can seek expert advice.
Building Access Ramps