Access Ramps

Hydrolic Access Ramps

Hydrolic access ramps can be a great choice if you want a relative high-tech solution for overcoming obstacles. This type of option can be the perfect choice for wheelchair access to different forms of transport and within certain buildings.


There will be many instances where a traditional access ramp just won’t be appropriate, and this is where you will want to consider this option. Trying to overcome some physically obstacles with more traditional ramps can be very distressing for people in a wheelchair and hydrolic access ramps can avoid all that.

Why Choose Hydrolic Access Ramps?

There are some very good reasons why you might want to choose hydrolic access ramps including;

  • This type of option is perfect for use with different forms of transport which is why you will often found it on trains and busses. This type of ramp ensures that people in wheelchairs can safely overcome any height obstacles such as a large step up to a platform.
  • Hydrolic access ramps are able to work up to different heights with most of them being able to manage at least 1 meter.
  • Because of the laws governing the incline of ramps there will be many situations where it just won’t be possible to fit in a ramp due to the available space. Hydrolic access ramps can work in even the smallest of spaces and this makes them the obvious choice in that type of situation.
  • These ramps allow people in wheelchair to maintain their dignity. Being manhandled over an obstacle is always going to be stressful for both the person in the wheelchair and the individual who is trying to help.
  • It is much safer to use something like hydrolic access ramps.

Where to Find Purchase Hydrolic Access Ramps

The good news is that you will have plenty of hydrolic access ramps to choose from. On the downside though, so much choice can make it harder to pick the option that is most appropriate for your needs. Here are just a few tips that will hopefully insure that you find the best option to suit your exact needs.

  • If you are only going to be using hydrolic access ramps for a short period of time then why not consider renting the device? There are portable or semi-portable options that will work well, but that you can return after you no longer need them. Of course if you intend to be using ramps long-term this won’t be such a great solution. Remember though, that hire companies will give a discount for repeat business. If you are looking for long-term hydrolic access ramps then you will almost always be better off buying your own.
  • You might be able to pick up second hand ramps but always be careful about this option to ensure that what you are getting is safe to use. It is often better to just pay the full price for something and that way you will have some you can depend on.
Hydrolic Access Ramps