Access Ramps

Rollup Access Ramp

One of the nicest things about the rollup access ramp is that they are just so portable. This means that when you need it you will have a ramp there, but the rest of the time you can have it neatly folded and taking up very little space.


There are many different reasons why you might want such a ramp, and this is why you will find that there are different types of rollup access ramp available. For example if you want something that is handy to carry around you will find that there are some lightweight options.

The Convenience of the Rollup Access Ramp

Although there have been lots of regulations created to ensure that those in wheelchairs do not suffer from unfair impediment to their movements things are still far from perfect. There have been huge improvements in regards to access to public buildings and public transport, and most businesses in the UK now adhere to the building regulations, but there can still be times when people in a wheelchair struggle to get around. Having something like a rollup access ramp can make a huge difference. Here are just some of the reasons why you might benefit from such a device.

  • If you are out and are faced with a curb with no nearby ramp it can be a real strain to make it onto the path. When you have a rollup access ramp handy though this can provide a temporary solution. This means that you will be able to take your car anywhere you want to go and have no problems with parking and moving from the car to the pavement.
  • Although there has been a huge push to ensure that all commercial and public buildings have appropriate wheelchair access the same is not true for private homes. It might be that you arrive at someone’s house and be faced with a set of steps that are going to be hard to manage. The fact though that you have a rollup access ramp with you will make things a lot easier.
  • You will also find that there are many types of this product that are designed specifically for use in transport. When you need to get off the transport the ramp can be rolled out to create a platform; later they can be rolled back up and stored away.

Some Final Thoughts on the Rollup Access Ramp

If you want to increase your level of independence as a wheelchair user then the rollup access ramp is one way of doing this. These devices are so portable and easy to use that it really does make sense to have one at hand. This is something you can just store in your car in case the need for an impromptu ramp arises. You can also find a rollup access ramp that is built specifically to work with different types of transport or for other occasions. It is likely that no matter what your requirements there will be a ramp that will be able to help.

Rollup Access Ramp